Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity is excited to announce a collaboration with all 17 Habitat for Humanity Massachusetts Affiliates to roll out a Specialty License Plate Program.  You can show your Habitat pride by purchasing one of these specialty plates through your local Habitat for Humanity Affiliate.  The cost of the plate is $40 which will be a sustainable funding source to be split equally among all Massachusetts Affiliates. 

Want a low number plate?  An auction will take place in the upcoming months for you to bid on that special number!

To get your plate now download the APPLICATION for Habitat License Plate Form.  Instructions on form or contact Amy Landry 413-586-5430 with any questions.

MA License Plate FAQ

How many plate applications do we need before they are produced?
We need 750 plate applications before they are produced

How long do we have to get the 750 plate applications?
We have until September 1st, 2018 but would like to reach 750 by February 1st, 2018

When will the auction start?
The auction will open as soon as we get the 750 plate applications

Who can get a plate?
Anyone! The plate is for owned and leased vehicles. Motorcycles and commercial vehicles cannot get a plate

Can we request plate numbers?
Yes, we will take requested numbers for plates 101-850. There can be NO letters in the plate ONLY numbers. Plate numbers are on a first come first served basis

How much are plates?
Plates are $40. The first year $28 dollars will go to the Habitat Affiliates to be split evenly and $12 will go towards the production cost of the plate. After year one, every two years when you renew your registration all $40 will go to the Habitat Affiliates

When will I get my plate?
It will take a little while to get the 750 plate applications and then 6-8 months for production.