Garfield Avenue, Florence

Garfield house, 4-22-11

Pioneer Valley Habitat plans to build five homes on the Garfield Avenue site. Site work began in 2008 and work on the first two homes started in the spring of 2009. Construction is being done in partnership with students at Smith Vocational High School.

The first construction was townhouse style, with the wall dividing the homes running along the property line – thus two homes, not a condominium. These two homes have been completed!  Kelly and her children have been living in their home since fall of 2010.  Iris and her children moved in in June 2011. The third home is a detached single-family. Mary and her family moved in over the summer in 2012.

We began work on fourth house on Garfield Ave during the fall of 2012 and Kimberly Rivera moved in during 2014.  The last home in this great neighborhood was built in record time during 2014 and the Wolcotts moved in January 2015.

Habitat homeowner

Group at Garfield






Other homes built in Northampton:

A duplex condo home on Pine Brook Curve in 1993
A single family home on Cahillane Terrace in 1999
A duplex condo home on Vernon and Forbes Avenue in 2000
A duplex condo home on Ryan Road in 2002
Three duplex condo homes on Westhampton Road 2003-2007

westhampton road

A home located on Westhampton Road